HAZELWOOD, Mo. – Popular fast food chain Captain D’s announced Wednesday that its third express model nationwide and first in the St. Louis metropolitan area is now open for business.

The new Captain D’s, located at 8001 Lindbergh Boulevard in Hazelwood, vows to be a fast seafood restaurant experience. It consists of a double drive-thru, which a spokesperson says has improved service times by up to a minute and a half and increased the number of cars that pass through each day by up to 35%.

The Captain D’s Express is 960 square feet but has a much smaller layout and no dining room. With a drive-thru and walk-up windows, the new layout of the kitchen, and the reduced menu speed up cooking and speed up service.

Express types can cut start-up costs by as much as 25% because they take up less space. A smaller area also means that the staff will be smaller, with 20–25 people instead of the usual 40–45.