ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Bread Company has introduced a new device to help out multitaskers this summer.

Bread Co. is giving customers a chance to win a “Charged Up Cup,” a container for the company’s new “Charged Lemonade” drinks that also doubles as a portable phone charger. The 17 oz. cup features a removable base for your phone to rest on and get some “juice.”

For a limited time, customers can enter an online contest for a chance to win one of these unique items. No outlets are needed to charge the phone through the cup.

“We wanted to find the perfect way to give our customers an extra charge ahead of the longest day of the year,” said Drayton Martin, Vice President of Brand Building, Panera Bread. “Our new Charged Lemonades have been a huge success for those looking for a Clean caffeine alternative, and we are excited to offer customers a way to get the ultimate “charge” both for their bodies and their phones.”

Winners in St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City will receive a cup via personal delivery on June 21. Panera says limited quantities of the cup are available and cup-seekers must enter the contest by 11:59 p.m. ET on June 20, the last night before the turn to summer.