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WELLSTON, Mo. – Switchgrass Spirits, a new distillery in north St. Louis County, is using its resources to help produce a highly demanded good — hand sanitizer.

Nick Colombo, the distillery’s co-founder and operations manager, has partnered with the owner of Bee Naturals. Switchgrass Spirits provides high-proof alcohol and, in return, Bee Naturals creates bottles of hand sanitizer that help keep her business running and provide free two-ounce bottles that can be distributed in the community.

“If you have to go out like first responders do and people that work at grocery stores or provide food for communities, they have to go out and they have to serve the community,” Colombo said. “Oftentimes, handwashing and hand sanitizer is the only way to stay semi-safe from this new epidemic.”

Stores are being raided by consumers for food and cleaning supplies as more and more information is released about COVID-19. Hoarders have been stocking up items and reselling them at ridiculous prices. Switchgrass Spirits is proud to go against that grain and provide these items for free to the people that need it most.

Major Ron Martin, Assistant Chief of Police at North County Police Cooperative, is grateful for the kind gesture.

“I think it sends a huge, huge message that a local business owner would be so kind to donate these types of items to us to be able to utilize in the community and with our police officers,” said Major Martin. “With individuals, such as Mr. Colombo, making great donations, it makes it a lot easier for us to get our jobs done.”

Wellston residents who have no other option than to leave their house due to work are encouraged to stop by the Wellston Community Center and pick up bottles of hand sanitizer.