ST. LOUIS – The Ferguson Fire Department’s new fire dog now has a name!

The public’s voices were heard, and her name is now Ember!

The department made the announcement in a Facebook post on Friday, June 24.

On Wednesday, June 29, the department published a post as a letter from Ember. She said she is “SO happy to be here.”

Below is the full letter from Ember.

Hello everyone!

As many of you know by now, my name is Ember and I’m SO happy to be here with my new Ferguson Fire Department family and warm community that my tail wags non-stop. Up until now, I had a very hard life, so that makes me even more thankful for a nice soft bed, my own couch, nutritious food and lots and lots of love from my fire crew peeps.This past week I think I’ve earned my keep here at the firehouse by providing support and a listening ear to the firefighters no matter what kind of call they come back from. Dogs like me are always positive keep the fire house up beat. I’m kinda’ like a counselor without even saying a word.

I get so excited when I hear the fire trucks getting close to the station that I wiggle all over. They say that I am a very smart girl.

To pay it forward, I plan to be your community resident doggy liaison so that I can share important info to help my fellow dog and cat residents here in Ferguson, and help you understand us better.

Thanks for your warm welcome!