CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Many families packed the new indoor slide park in Chesterfield on Wednesday.

The Slick City Action Park has officially opened, and the park’s 10 slides were a big draw for children of all ages. Each one was unique, with twists, turns, and drops.

The park also featured a sports zone and a zipline.

However, the owner stresses that it is not just for kids.

“We designed it for the entire family,” said Bron Launsby, CEO and owner of Slick City Action Park. “That means the parents, not every slide for every parent, but we do have parents that actually get on some of these slides and experience it with their kids. It’s a great bonding experience for kids and their families.”

The park is open seven days a week until 8 p.m. except on Saturday, it’s open until 9 p.m.

There are four tickets to choose from that will give you access to all the park attractions.

Currently, the most popular ticket is $24.99 for 90 minutes for ages 5 and up.

For more information about Slick City Action Park and to purchase tickets, click here.