KIRKWOOD, Mo. – A new St. Louis City SC-themed exhibit opens at the Magic House for all kids looking to have fun and train like an athlete.

Walking into the new St. Louis City SC themed exhibit, you would think you’re in the team’s locker room.

“That place had everything. It was good to see the kids having fun,” City SC player Joshua Yaro said. “And I think an exhibit like this is going to help them develop a passion and love of the game.”

Kids can gear up as they admire the replica. In the same room, a training center decked out with a rowing machine, pull-up bar, and a stationary bike test your strength and endurance.

Around the corner at the pitch, the simulator is a big hit, giving kids a taste of what it’s like to make the team.

“Our goal is of course hands on learning, being an advocate for play and this exhibit exemplifies that because we’re getting children to be active,” said Beth Fitzgerald, president of the Magic House.

Making an interactive installation that gives back to the fans was important to the team.

“We’ve always said it’s more than a sport, it’s about a community, so to be able to really follow through with that promise and have something as beautiful as this exhibit at the Magic House, I hope that it just reinforces what we set out to do,” said Carolyn Kindle, St. Louis City SC team president and CEO.

Players and the head coach watched future athletes in the making.

“Kids are striving to be something, striving to look at their role models and seeing how real it is, in terms of the professional world, I think this is a great platform for the kids to get exercise, to be excited and to be playing soccer,” said St. Louis City SC head coach Bradley Carnell.

The exhibit opens to the public on Thursday, March 16.