JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Governor Parson has signed a bill into law to address the vacant property issue in the City of St. Louis. The law is supposed to get owners to pay delinquent taxes and return their properties to a useable condition. They will be notified that they may lose the property because of an unpaid tax bill.

“This bill will have a huge impact on the City of St. Louis. This legislation will also help deter crime in the city, as these vacant buildings can become hubs for criminal activity,” writes Rep. Michael O’Donnell.

The initial bill was folded into legislation for local government regulations. It also requires deeds to include marital status and increases transparency in some tax districts, among other things.

How many abandoned properties are in St. Louis? Estimates range from 25,000 to 33,000 parcels.

What can you do about an abandoned property in your neighborhood? There are other legal options to do something about it. A federal grant supporting the Neighborhood Vacancy Initiative is there to help. Thave attorneys represent qualifying neighborhood associations in lawsuits against absentee owners or vacant buildings.