ST. LOUIS – Robert Tracy of Wilmington, Delaware of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has been named the department’s new police chief.

And for the first time in the department’s history the new chief will not be someone from inside the city police force.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones announced the new chief at 11a.m. The historic announcement comes after a year-long search.

The two remaining candidates entering Wednesday were Robert Tracy, the current police chief in Wilmington, Delaware and Larry Boone, the former police chief in Norfolk, Virginia.

Boone and Tracy were among the four finalists who appeared at a town hall last week and answered questions from city residents.

The big topics at that meeting included crime and gun violence, the city’s homicide rate and building trust in the community.

The other two finalists were Melron Kelly, a deputy police chief from Columbia, South Carolina and the current interim St. Louis City Police Chief Michael Sack.

Kelly pulled out of the race on Monday then Sack revealed in an email to the department yesterday that he had not been chosen.

In that email, Sack thanked everyone in the department and pledged to continue to work hard to make a difference in our community.

Here is some of what Boone and Tracy said at the forum last week.

“Through my personal career in Norfolk, it looks like St. Louis…Believe me, I know you got hard stuff because they drove me around this city and I saw hard stuff. But I am ready to move this mountain if you’ll have me,” explained Boone.

Tracy said, “We really have to have a plan that’s transparent and actually put it up on a website because the informed community is the one that is going to help us the most.”
Boone began his law enforcement career with the Norfolk Police Department back in 1989.

He was appointed chief in December of 2016.

Tracy has more than 36 years of law enforcement experience.

Besides Wilmington, he also worked at the New York City and Chicago police departments.