FERGUSON, Mo. – Ferguson residents will need to bring proof of residency to get into the pool at January-Wabash Park this summer. The new rule is the city’s response to calls for fighting and shots fired at the park over the weekend.

“There were families that were actually coming there to enjoy the atmosphere that was out there,” said Chief Troy Doyle for the Ferguson Police Department.

He said fighting in the pool area escalated to the parking lot when teenagers pulled out guns and began firing them.

“It was the first day the pool was being open. A lot of the kids were looking forward to going swimming and the seniors,” said Ferguson Mayor Ella Jones. “And just doing a picnic around the pool.”

One of the bullets hit a nearby home.

“The bullet that went through our house did not have a name,” said Felicia Baines. “Even though nobody got hurt, it was just the fact that there were so many kids and so many people in the park at that time that people are just irresponsible. Period.”

Ferguson police said the bullets also hit cars and one person in the leg while he was sitting in the car.

“It’s very reckless to shot that many rounds in a crowd with people running everywhere,” said Capt. Tim Harris of the Ferguson Police Department.

Officers arrested one adult and nine teenagers in connection with the shooting. They also found three handguns on the teens, who were later released from police custody.

“I think that’s important for our community to know. These are what our folks who are living here in the City of Ferguson,” Doyle said. So that’s why we’re making some rule changes to the people who want to use our pool. They have to be Ferguson residents, however, they are allowed to bring in two guests.”