JOPLIN, Mo. — If you own an Airbnb or Vrbo listing in Joplin, new rules will soon take effect about how you do business.

A new city ordinance kicks off next week with a number of requirements.

A “Short-Term Rental” now must have a Certificate of Occupancy and Business Permit. Each unit must list the contact information for whoever is in charge, city trash/recycling schedules, and the City Noise Ordinance. Spacing is also on the list, although existing operations will be grandfathered in for the first 30 days.

“Got a window of time if you’re operating these in our community, to get them reported to the city, to get them applied for. Because after the 30 days after January 24th, if you apply and there’s one within 200 feet of your property you’re not eligible to operate,” said Joplin Mayor Ryan Stanley.

The new ordinance also bans the using a Short-Term Rental exclusively for a party, reception, or related event.