ST. LOUIS – The new head of the FBI’s St. Louis field office is asking everyone to pay attention and help prevent the next mass shooting.

“The day they go active as a shooter is not the first day that someone worries they may go active,” Special Agent in Charge Jay Greenberg said.

The Buffalo, New York shooter reportedly gave warnings online, as did the Uvalde, Texas shooter. Greenberg wants to stop the violent wave.

“We call that a normalization of behavior and that when one person intends to commit a crime, if they see somebody or they’re in contact with someone else who commits a crime, it normalizes that behavior and makes it seem less like breaking the law and more normal,” Greenberg said. “We really want to work hard against that.”

The FBI recently released its report on active shooter incidents in 2021. It came out the day before the Texas school shooting.

It documented a 52.5% increase from the previous year – 61 shooters ranging in age from 12 years old to 67 years old.

“We’re going to ask the family and friends, though we know it’s hard, to reach out to law enforcement and give us a chance to make contact with that shooter and get them some of the support services they need so they don’t become a shooter,” he said.

Greenberg’s other priority includes cyber-security.

“Whether it’s a school or a company, we will take a victim-centered approach to ensure that the school or company that’s targeted in a ransomware or denial-of-service attack knows they can come to us for support, and we will work with them to restore their services,” he said.

Greenberg previously worked in the Dallas, Chicago, and Washington field offices, tackling corruption and investigating civil rights cases.

“Civil rights are important to everything that we do because they’re at the heart as to who we are as Americans,” he said.

On the job in St. Louis for three weeks now, Greenberg says he also knows citizens here want to feel safe.

“Crime has been a focus of FBI St. Louis and will remain a focus for FBI St. Louis,” he said.