St. Louis, MO- The city of St. Louis will be receiving $250 million in federal funding from the American Rescue Plan and has released an online survey to collect residents’ input as to where the money should go to improve the city

The mayor’s office is making it clear that they want to hear your opinions in the survey. There are so many ways for the money to be spent and say residents’ concern is a top priority.

You can access the survey here.

“Martin Luther King road, this used to be the shopping mecca back in the 50s. People from all over the region used to come here to shop and we would love to see this come back to life,” said St. Louis Alderman, Jeffrey Boyd (Ward 22).

“Affordable housing, fixing potholes, roads, and resources for youth,” said The Ville Resident, Donna Scott.

“More homeless centers and even just helping fund events that just help out the communities,” said South St. Louis City Resident, T.J.

There are a lot of things St. Louisians would like to see get an upgrade. And now is the time to share where your priorities lie.

“Folks know what they need in our neighborhoods best, more than anyone else, so that’s why we’re reaching out to as many people as we can to hear what’s impacting them,” said St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones’ Communications Director, Nick Desideri.

This is the second time St. Louis will receive 250 million dollars in federal funding from the American Rescue Plan.

Similar to in the past, the survey is being used to pinpoint where the money would best be used.

The survey is broken into seven main categories: household assistance; neighborhood transformation; economic empowerment; government services; support for children and youth; public health; and infrastructure improvements.

A vocal advocate for north St. Louis Alderman, Jeffrey Boyd, believes $200 million of the $250 coming to St. Louis city bank accounts should go towards north and west city.

“North St. Louis has taken a backseat to downtown, south St. Louis, and the central corridor for decades,” said Boyd, “it’s time to put north St. Louis first.”

Roughly 129 dollars million from the last A.R.P.A. funding was approved last week.
Of that, $37 million was approved for small business grants in north St. Louis.

“We know our constituents want new businesses in our community, we know our constituents want new housing in our community, we know they want better schools, we will get better schools if we get people back to our community,” said Boyd.

If you can’t access it online, the city says physical copies, as well as town halls and roundtable discussions, will happen in the future.