ST. LOUIS – Missouri Governor Mike Parson says he chose quality over politics in his pick for St. Louis Circuit Attorney.

“Our focus was solely in figuring out who in their heart holds what is best for the city,” he said.

The governor and his pick, Gabe Gore, emphasized collaboration as the key.

“Working together, I am confident that we can build a prosecutor’s office here that is one of the highest performing in the country,” Gore said.

Gore is a former federal prosecutor and is currently a partner at the law firm Dowd Bennet. He worked and raised his family in the city.

“The same level of public safety that we enjoy, raising our family here, is what we seek for all St. Louisans,” Gore said.

“The step he took today, to leave a high-powered partnership at a law firm to come help the city that he loves, speaks volumes for his character,” said St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones.

Chief Robert Tracy of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said he looks forward to working with Gore.

“If you look at his resume, and I did not know who the pick was until I met him about an hour ago,” Tracy said. “We had a great conversation. I look forward to collaborating.”

Gore takes over for a Circuit Attorney’s Office in shambles, as Kim Gardner initially resigned, giving a one-month notice, then abruptly stepped down Tuesday.

“But for House Bill 301, I don’t think we would have had the result we had here today,” said Dean Plocher. Missouri House speaker.

Plocher, who attended the announcement with other legislators, believes the crime bill they were working on—that would’ve appointed a special prosecutor and stripped Gardner of most of her power—is what started the series of events leading to this moment.

“It’s encouraging to see a man such as Mr. Gore step forward and take on these heavy responsibilities,” Plocher said. “I think it’s about time the city had safety return to it.”

The new Circuit Attorney said that he hasn’t even had the opportunity to review the potential mess in front of him.