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ST. LOUIS– The St. Louis City Counselor is looking into a Friday incident at the Reign restaurant after it held a small event despite being ordered to close.

Interim Public Safety Director Dan Isom said there were about 16-20 people at the event and the owner was not present at the time.

Isom said the event was held despite the restaurant not having a liquor or occupancy license. He said there were no arrests or summons issued.

Last month, the St. Louis Department of Public Safety ordered Reign to close and be boarded up for a year citing that it is “a threat to public safety and welfare of the residents in this community.”

Once the nuisance order was posted, Reign has 30 days to vacate, according to city documents.

The decision came after a public nuisance abatement hearing held Sept. 20 where the police linked a series of shootings and assaults at Reign in August and early September.

In September, Reign’s liquor license was suspended after video evidence surfaced of a shootout that took place in December of last year.

A hearing is scheduled for this Thursday.