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FERGUSON, Mo. – Churches in north county are changing the narrative when it comes to dealing with pain that has been consuming the city of Ferguson. They took to the streets to heal with prayer and by listening.

They took the bibles out of these boxes and strutted down the streets of Ferguson with a positive purpose.

“North county and Ferguson have been on the move with diversity since Mike Brown was killed,” said Minister Mark Eason, Co-leader of North County Pastors Group.

“We pray that we help with the healing and unity of the community at large,” said Pastor Sergei Marchenko, Co-leader of North County Pastors Group.

Since riots ripped into the community after the death of Mike Brown, about a dozen north county church groups have been working to listen, learn, and unite.

“We have to get together we have to spend some time together,” Eason said.

“We do believe that there is unity in Christ, and if we are spiritually connected to each other under his rule we can accomplish a lot of things like legislation,” said Marchenko.

With love in their hearts, they gathered at the First Baptist Church Of Ferguson and started with a prayer hoping to run into anyone who wanted to be heard and healed.

“Prayer is the key factor in penetrating hard hearts, angry hearts, unforgiving heart, and the change must come from inside out,” said Cedric Jones, Co-leader of the North County Pastors Group.

“We want to hear the people’s hearts, we want to listen…and know what are their hopes what do they really want from not only the protest but in their own personal lives?” Jones said.

From all different backgrounds, the church members have a common goal.

“We went to all be safe, we want to all see justice, we want to be all validated and appreciated and loved on,” Jones said.

“It’s not all doom and gloom. God is at work,” Eason said.

The churches have been doing pulpit swaps where a white pastor preaches at a predominately black church and vice-versa. They have meals together and immerse themselves in one another’s culture.