NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Friday marks a reprieve from historic downpours that led to major flooding in the St. Louis region.

The clean-up process continues in North St. Louis County, where community leaders are reassuring residents that help is on the way. A group of volunteers gathered Friday at the Florissant Meadows Plaza along North Lindbergh Boulevard.

Earlier this week, floodwaters from Coldwater Creek caused damage to several businesses and homes around Florissant. Community leaders are stepping up to let flood victims in the area know they are not alone.
Dozens of North County leaders are speaking out about this week’s massive flooding.

“This was unprecedented flooding that we have had in St. Louis County, particularly North County,” said County Council Chairwoman Rita Days.
“We had 100 houses underwater. We are working to make certain that our residents can have some type of life because they are devastated,” said Ferguson Mayor Ella Jones.

“We are doing everything we can to get help. We have so many small businesses that have been affected,” said Florissant Mayor Timothy Lowrey.
Felicia Miller, an insurance agent with American Family Insurance Agency in the plaza, was hit hard. Water entered her building and started to shift furniture. A refrigerator flipped over backward on the lower level. She lost paperwork and countless office supplies.

“Everything was lost because of the water. There is a large loss here,” said Felicia Miller. 

 With flooding hitting the area for a second time this week, St. Louis City and St. Louis County have already declared States of Emergencies. This allows the state to ask for federal disaster help.
“This is one of the most devasting natural disasters in a long time in North County. It’s touching all of us, but what you see here today is everyone working together,“ said St. Louis County Executive Sam Page.
If your home or business was damaged by flooding, officials say the first thing they need to do is call your insurance company. The next thing is to call United Way at 211 to explain your needs after the flooding.

For more information on how to help flood victims in the St. Louis area, click here.