ST. LOUIS — A possible murder is being looked into by the bomb and arson investigation squad. At this point, the police are still trying to put together all the evidence and figure out what really happened.

This all happened on Cates, just north of Delmar. The police received a call after midnight. The officials said homicide detectives were sent to the scene at initially, but it was decided that whatever transpired was not a homicide.

The bomb and arson section is now in charge of the case. Other than the person who was found deceased inside a burning car, police are not giving many official details at this time.

But neighbors believe the individual who died was a 35-year-old man.
They said they heard the Jeep SUV’s engine revving, then they saw many little explosions or pops.

Neighbors said they came outside to find the man’s car on fire. Those neighbors who were conversing with us off-camera at the scene were too exhausted to do any on-camera interviews.

Two neighbors informed us the man just retrieved his car from a repair shop on Thursday morning. The police have not yet announced the name of the man who died. We have also not been told what could have caused the suv to catch fire.