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ST. LOUIS – North St. Louis residents met Saturday morning at Thessalonian Baptist Church to call for changes at a local motel.

Shortly after 10 a.m., many knocked on neighborhood doors to hear their thoughts on The Grand Motel. Some residents say the property is a continued nuisance.

“It’s a bad apple and an eyesore, so we’re trying to get rid of it and that’s about it,” said North City resident Tina Hardin.  

Third Ward Alderman Brandon Bosely said Saturday was meant to address negative issues on the property, like substance abuse, trash and prostitution.

“There’s a nuisance hearing coming up for a property that we’ve been having some issues within the ward, and the residents are coming together so we can talk to other residents in the ward and alert them about the nuisance,” Bosley said. 

“We don’t want to see trash or needles outside. Those are things that people don’t want to see.” 

But the owner of the Grand Motel says everything is fine.  

“Nothing problem, my property has nothing problem. [Bosley] already said you’re a nuisance, you’re a nuisance. Any nuisance when you look at here?” Bharwad Bhikhui said. “Nothing here is a nuisance.”

Bosley said the intent isn’t to force the Grand Motel out of business, but something needs to be done.  

“In a dream scenario we would figure out some type of balance, some type of a solution where it can be amicable, where they can continue to do business not the way that it’s been run, but they can continue business in a way that the community feels their voices can be heard,” Bosley said.