ST. LOUIS – Residents from two blocks on two north St. Louis streets joined together for a neighborhood meeting at the O’Fallon Park Rec Complex in north St. Louis on Thursday.

“We are concerned about the crime,” said Amber Cole, one of the neighborhood block captains. “We are concerned about the reckless driving.”

Members of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, including Commissioner Robert Tracy, attended the meeting that residents of the 2000 and 2100 blocks of Fair Street and Harris Avenue organized.

“I think the bedrock of how we move forward is community meetings like this,” Tracy told citizens. “It starts here.”

“The summer months are coming, and we want it to be safe for the kids to play outside,” said Committeeman James Keyes from the 11th Ward.

Tracy spoke about his commitment to building trust and communication channels for residents and police to be able to work together.

“We have the dialogue, so we know exactly what’s going on,” Tracy said.

“It’s very important that everyone gets involved,” said Joyce Green, an O’Fallon neighborhood resident.

She said she hopes other residents get involved and find ways to make their neighborhood safer.