ST. LOUIS — If you’re not from the Show Me State, there may be a few things you’ve noticed that seem strange, and you’re not alone. FOX 2 asked our viewers on Facebook to see what people thought of the state. Here’s what viewers said were the strangest things they’ve noticed since moving to Missouri.

Missourians got a good grade from the commenters. Several said that they liked the friendly can-do attitude.

“The people here are so much nicer and usually more caring for their fellow person. Though I also miss real Mexican food 😂” said Jenna.

You know the question!

Woman being interviewed by a reporter in vox pop video format

One question can tell you a lot about someone if they are from the area. If they’re not from here, then it is basically meaningless. That’s why the old “Where did you go to high school?” routine bothers a lot of out-of-towners.

“A lot of people really care about where I went to high school,” writes Sheri.

“The asking what high school. You won’t know mine. Lol” states Bev.

What about the food?

Homemade St Louis Style Pepperoni PIzza with Cheese

Regional cuisines can be a challenge to people moving into Missouri. The St. Louis area has some peculiarities that out-of-towners have a hard time wrapping their brains around. The St. Louis style of pizza and the unique cheese that goes on it inspired quite a few comments.

“The goop y’all put on pizza and call cheese,” writes Ashley.

“The love for pork steaks! (I’m a fan now)” says Pam.

“The fact you think your pizza is good. It’s a tragedy,” states Mandi.

“Provel cheese on pizza. I still don’t like it. Plus, it sticks to the roof of your mouth and teeth. I’m from Iowa, and mozzarella on pizza is the best! Just my opinion!” explains Marla.

“Someone mentioned pork steaks earlier, husband would agree. Also mostacolli -not sure I’m spelling it correctly. I’ve been to many gatherings through the years when it was served in a meat sauce-especially wedding receptions. Husband had no clue till he saw it here in STL,” said Debbie.

How do you say that?

The English language is flexible in the way you can pronounce words. If the locals prefer to say a place name a certain way, then that’s how you say it. That can be a little odd to people, encountering the differences in words spoken very differently than they are spelled.

“The way people pronounce the names of their towns. Bolivar is not pronounced ‘Bo-lee-var’ but is pronounced ‘Bol-liver’ and while the state of Nevada is still pronounced ‘Neh-va-da’ the city of Nevada (spelled exactly the same way mind you) is pronounced ‘Neh-vay-duh.’ Oh… and what’s up with the town of Humansville? Seriously? Really used some creativity and imagination when naming that town didn’t they?” writes Zach.

“I’ve always lived in Missouri and have yet to understand why some people pronounce it Missouruh,” states Jim.

Early to bed, early to rise

I was working this morning on a building by Soulard and took this picture of the sunrise overlooking downtown. Ian St. John

Missourians apparently don’t stay up very late. Several commenters shared that they were surprised by how many stores closed by 9 p.m.

“I moved here from Vegas. It was a culture shock. Everything closed down at 9pm except for the bar, liquor stores, and fast food restaurants,” said Amber.

“Everything is closed at 8.15 and people do follow traffic rules!!! (moved here from NJ)” said Saladin.

Should I wear shorts or a coat?

Tornado siren

The weather in the Midwest can be challenging. The weather in Missouri has an exceptional range. Some people say you can get four seasons in one day.

“When I first moved to Missouri in 2010, no one told me about the tornado alarms. 😂😂😂 I was so scared, I called my dad when he was at work and he laughed at me. I haven’t lived in Missouri in about two ish years,” said Brittany.

“The weather. Don’t like it?? Wait a few minutes, it’ll change,” states Kim.

“I grew up here, moved to Oklahoma for 6 years & I’ve been back for 7 years. Severe weather storm tracking is NOT the same level throughout the Midwest!” writes Shannon.

Why would you move to Missouri?

Not everyone is a fan of people moving to Missouri. A lot of our Facebook fans say they have lived here their entire lives.

“Have lived here all my life, it’s the people who move here that are strange,” writes Gabe.