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JENNINGS, Mo. – A St. Louis County Police officer killed a man Sunday who was firing rounds in the street and shot one of his neighbors.

According to Sgt. Tracy Panus, a police spokeswoman, the shooting of 26-year-old George Hollins happened at about 11 a.m. in the 2000 block of Coleridge in Jennings.

Panus said police received word of gunshots and that a neighbor had been struck. This was the second time on Sunday the officers visited the home. The first visit was a welfare check of the resident made at 8:19 a.m. Officers made contact with the man and found “no criminal activity was occurring at the time.”

Panus said when officers arrived the second time the suspect fired at police with a sawed-off shotgun. Police said the suspect then walked out of the home and directed his fire at responding officers. An officer returned fire and fatally wounded the suspect. Police said the suspect died at the scene.

FOX 2 spoke with the victim, who said he was standing in his home when the shooting began. He was treated and released from the hospital.

The St. Louis County Police Department released a statement saying in part, “no officers were injured in the incident. At least three residences were struck by shots fired from the suspect. A shotgun was recovered from the scene.”

The shooting suspect has not been identified.