ST. LOUIS — Officers who were responsible for keeping inmate Tommy Boyd in custody have undergone an investigation by the Missouri Department of Correction and have lost employment.

According to Karen Pojmann, the Director of Communications, the officers in charge of the escaped inmate, Boyd, have been terminated from the department of corrections.

Pojmann stated, ‘While the Missouri Department of Corrections has strict protocols in place for transporting and supervising offenders receiving hospital care, our investigation has concluded that departmental protocol was not followed regarding offender Boyd at Mercy Hospital South. Appropriate personnel action has been taken. I can confirm that the officers involved are no longer employed by the department.’

The search for inmate Tommy Boyd has ended, and he has been returned to the custody of the Missouri Department of Corrections after walking out of St. Louis Mercy Hospital South, where he was receiving emergency medical treatment.

Boyd left the hospital at approximately 4:04 a.m. on Sept. 21 and was apprehended shortly before 8 p.m. on the same day on Watson Road in St. Louis.