ST. LOUIS – Police saved a llama wandering around north St. Louis County on Wednesday morning and reunited the llama with its owner.

The St. Louis County Police Department shared a photo of the llama and several officers who helped rescue it from the streets. The llama was found near the intersection of Lusher and Parker roads before police tracked it down.

Police secured the llama with a rope, led it back to safety and returned it to the original owner. It’s unclear what might have cause the llama to get loose.

St. Louis County police marked the unusual occurrence with a photo opp. A social media rep for St. Louis County thanked the officers in humorous fashion, commenting, “Kudos to the officers for going above and beyond to ‘llama-nate’ any potential chaos!”

One llama rescue website explains several safety steps to consider if you find a loose llama or one of your own goes missing.