OLIVETTE, Mo. — After serving 17 years on the Olivette police force, Beth Andreski was appointed as the city’s first female chief and is one of only a few women to share a similar title in St. Louis County.   

“To my knowledge, there’s only one other police chief who’s a female in the St. louis County area, but I’m actually the first supervisor of any kind here,” Andreski said.  

In a male-dominated profession, Andreski said she hopes to be a positive example for women in or interested in law enforcement. 

“Seeing me and other people other female officers out in the field when they come in contact with law enforcement, I think it’s great for young women girls to see that this is a place that they could fit in,” she said.  

In April, she celebrated 17 years with the department. Tuesday she was sworn in by the city manager and city council. Wednesday was her first day.   

“Knowing that they did have the confidence in me to appoint me, it was a great feeling,” she said. 

Olivette is seeing the growth and developments, more people means more traffic.   

“Preparing for that increase in not only residents but just general traffic. The best thing we can do right now is just to monitor and as things start to develop kind look at areas of concern and address them as they come along,” Andreski said.  

She credits the residents of Olivette for helping keep crime down and appreciates the relationship. 

“I think we do have a very tight-knit community here and people are very close, which is important, and it helps the police department,” she said.