ST. LOUIS — An inspiring movie is getting shot in the Gateway City, and they’re looking for extras.

“It’s been a six-year build to get to this point,” says John O’Leary, Motivational Speaker & Author.  “Now the director and his team of 60 are in our community.  They’re scouting locations and looking for background actors. They begin shooting on November 6th, and they’re going to be shooting at Busch Stadium, bowling alleys, coffee shops, and places like that.”   

The story centers around the St. Louis community, the paramedics, and Mercy Healthcare professionals who helped save John O’Leary’s life.  

When O’Leary was nine years old, he played with fire and gasoline. That resulted in an explosion and a life-changing injury.  

This story features a familiar voice, broadcasting legend Jack Buck.  

” What should shock people was that not only did he show up the day after I was burned,” says O’Leary.  “But he was told that day I was going to die.  And the following day, Jack Buck shows up and keeps that love and encouragement in that little boy’s life for the five and a half months that I recovered.”  

Oscar nominee William H. Macy is set to portray the Cardinals broadcaster.   John Corbett will portray O’Leary’s father. 

The movie is based on O’Leary’s book, which has been translated into 12 different languages, inspiring others around the globe.  

 The movie “On Fire” is based on O’Leary’s book “On Fire, The Seven Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired life.”  

“He taught me how to write again,” says O’Leary.  “He would send me baseballs every day and the baseball would come with a note that read, ‘Kid if you want another baseball write a thank you letter.’  So, I’m a gullible kid I write one and get a baseball.  In 1987, when the Cardinals went to the World Series, Jack sent a little ten-year-old nobody named John O’Leary 60 baseballs.  Teaching this little fellow how to write brought me back to school.  So, this man quietly changed my life without telling a soul he was doing it. “ 

O’Leary says his need is for people to be renewed with hope and that impact can spread to others when people show up.  Heroism can come in all shapes and sizes and backgrounds, like say, a guy known in St. Louis as a great broadcaster.   

Crews expect to shoot for the film in St. Louis between Nov. 6 and Dec. 9. Anyone interested in a potential big screen appearance should click here to apply. If chosen, extras will be notified between Oct. 27 and Dec. 6. Anyone interested is required to be at least 18 years old and apply by Nov. 6.

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