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ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, Mo. – The St. Francois County community will have an opportunity to design a new county seal after the current one received criticism on social media. A Reddit user recently posted an image of the county seal, which sparked hundreds of comments, mostly negative ones.

At Tuesday’s county commission meeting, Presiding Commissioner Harold Gallaher agreed that the county needs a new seal, stating that he had little time in 2018 when creating the current one.

St. Francois County Seal

“It’s fever pitch, I understand, on social media about the seal of the county,” he said. “And that was a rush deal way back when. I had two days to come up with a seal and my design of the seal is proof positive that I am not artistically inclined. I am artistically declined.”

Gallaher said he does not want to pay designer fees and use taxpayer money for a new seal. A design contest open to the community was mentioned during the meeting.

“If somebody wants to redesign that seal, come on, let us see what you got,” Gallaher said.

He noted that he would like the new seal to have a symbol about parks and for it not to have too much of the color red because “it fades too quickly.”

“I would like it to be better than the seal we have now, which would be a slam dunk,” Gallaher said.

More information on the county seal design contest will be announced at next week’s commission meeting.