ST. LOUIS — The Operation Santa program that will be run by the postal service in the United States is being prepared right now.

Kids and parents in need can send letters to Santa with their Christmas wishes, as reported by Fox News correspondent Dani Masten.

Needy families can use this online platform that is provided by the USPS in order to write a letter to Santa and ask for a Christmas gift.

Rod Spurgeon, U.S. Postal Service says, “we’ve been running this program for over a century and a half now.” a labor of love is therefore what we’ve been able to provide the community as a result of our efforts.

Anywhere in the united states, people can write a letter with their gift request, and adoptes pick the letter that stands out the most to them through the usps operation santa website.

The actions to be taken are very uncomplex.
Following the process of adopting a letter, you will pack the gift and deposit it at the local usps office in your area.

According to spurgeon’s explanation, “you will never know the child’s last name.” you’ll never find out where they live, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your actions have improved the quality of someone else’s life.

I was told by a communications specialist working for the united states postal service that they anticipate a high demand for this service this year, in part because of inflation. This information was passed on to me.

Spurgeon predicts that this year will be challenging due to the state of the economy, and he is aware of this fact. As a direct consequence of this, there is a possibility that the number of letters sent to operation Santa may rise.

Be aware of the following deadlines and tips…

To adopt letters, the deadline is december 19 th spurgeon tells me that there are alternative options for bigger gift requests send the letter no later than the 12 th of december to adopt letters, the deadline is december 19 th

Spurgeon clarifies, “you notice that someone wants a giant doll home or Christmas, and while you might not be able to mail it, you can mail a gift card.”