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FENTON, Mo. – Shutting out the freezing temperatures by closing the front door is a welcome relief for Hannah McGee of Fenton. Last Thursday, McGee’s landlord took her door after she fell behind in paying the rent.

According to McGee, a series of events—a broken-down car and losing her job due to the pandemic—left her two months behind in rent owing $1,000.

“He did it without a word,” she said. “I just went off to make a phone call to try and collect rent for him and he went and took my door. So, for four days I was without a door. It was cold in here.”

McGee used closet doors to try and block the opening. A friend started a GoFundMe page for Hannah and her 4-year-old daughter Evy. Since Monday evening, the page has raised thousands of dollars.

“Then yesterday, you guys came out and did your story and I woke up to good news this morning,” says McGee. “For one, the landlord said the buyer trying to buy this property told him to put the door back on.”

By Monday night, the door was returned. And on Tuesday morning, the generosity of others surprised the young mom.

“Then I woke up and saw the GoFundMe is doing well and there’s enough for me to pay up on my rent and buy a new car and hopefully get a new place for me and Evy,” McGee said. “So, I’m stoked today.”

And a whole lot warmer after spending four days without a front door.