Page to push for another mask mandate at tonight’s County Council meeting


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page said he needs help from fellow council members and asked them in a Monday briefing to consider what’s best for the people whether they like him or not. There is a council meeting Tuesday night.

Page’s latest appeal comes days after a judge issued a preliminary injunction to bar the Page administration from enforcing a July 26 public health order requiring people to wear masks indoors. The order was rescinded on July 27 by a 5-2 vote from the County Council.

Page said the County Council has another opportunity this week to show leadership and demonstrate that the welfare of all St. Louis County residents is its priority.

“It is sad that some elected leaders are voting against what is best for residents because they don’t like me.

You can still not like me and do what is right to protect our residents. Be on the right side of history,” Page said. He plans to push for another mask mandate at Tuesday night’s County Council meeting.

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