Page- ‘A real shame’ elected officials don’t see mask mandate as priority


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page voiced concern over a lack of a mask mandate this morning after the St. Louis County Council voted down another proposed mask mandate 5-2 Tuesday night.

He said, “a unified response would be most effective and certainly less confusing but some of our elected officials don’t see it as a priority and that is a real shame.”

Page spoke about the growing number of younger, otherwise healthy adults who are suffering from ‘long haul’ syndrome. That is when people feel the effects of COVID months after having the virus.

Almost all of the 58 public speakers who spoke expressed outrage over a mandate right before the council voted again on whether to enact a mandate. One public speaker was in support of the mask mandate.

The two council members who spoke in favor of the mask mandate were Lisa Clancy and Kelli Dunaway. They were often hard to hear with the crowd objecting to what they were saying as they were talking.

Councilwoman Rita Heard Days was often telling the crowd to be quiet but they continued in objection up.

A mask mandate was originally overturned by the county council July 27 where the vote was also 5-2.

Exactly two weeks later, another mask mandate was on the agenda in the form of a proposed ordinance introduced by Councilmember Lisa Clancy.

Clancy appeared virtually along with councilmember Kelli Dunaway. County Executive Sam Page also appeared virtually from what looked like his office.

The remaining council people all appeared in person and were greeted with applause as they walked into the meeting.

Each speaker was given three minutes and they had many had common themes such as an unwillingness to comply, doubts about whether a cloth mask is effective, and that mandates infringe on people’s freedoms and rights.

The controversial Mark McCloskey was there who is now running for U.S. Senate. He went right after the county executive.

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