ST. LOUIS – Paint Louis held its annual spray-painting event on Labor Day weekend. Every year, organizers hold a two-day weekend event for an artist to head over to the flood wall on the city’s riverfront and showcase art.

Bryan Walsh, a spokesperson for Paint Louis, says that this event was held every year from 1997 to 2001, then returned in 2013 after a hiatus. Since then, the support for the event has been strong.

“This event attracts graffiti writers and muralists from all over the county,” Walsh says. “And sometimes from Canada and Mexico.”

The mural is close to three miles long. The murals are solid down until you get close to Anheuser Bush and the Coast Guard buildings.

For the next year, the artist will paint over the current creation and make a new one in its place. Wall art is ever-changing.

“Lots of artists will end up painting their walls a solid color at first,” Walsh said. “We assign the artist and crew their own spaces.”

Paint Louis is also having their own book published featuring the art work:

Paint Louis 2021

Paint Louis 2022

Paint Louis is primarily invitational. Registrations are also accepted from experienced graffiti writers and muralists beginning in Spring 2023.