ST. LOUIS — In a recent turn of events, fear spread through the crowd at a football game between Pattonville and Ritenour High Schools. Rumors of shots being fired led to the incident, which caused the stadium to be cleared out, leaving people scared and worried about their safety. 

Students ran from the stands when they thought there was a threat, and the scene was caught on video. It looks like cops told some students to leave, which set off a chain reaction of fear that spread through the crowded stadium and made others run for safety. 

The school district’s superintendent, Barry Nelson, talked about what happened. He said that after working with the cops carefully, it had been decided that no real gunshots had been fired at the event. This was a relief, since the first accounts of shots being fired had made a lot of people worried. 

Nelson said that it shows how important it is to review and improve safety procedures. The goal is to make sure that future events are better prepared to deal with unexpected problems. Even though the school district was told that no gunshots had been fired, they decided to cancel the rest of the game.