WARREN COUNTY, Mo. — Criminal charges have been filed in the death of an infant in Warren County.  A family relative, who asked to remain anonymous, said the child, Mason Harlan, was four months old.  

Both parents, Tyler Herndon and Ryan Harlan, were charged with neglect of a child, resulting in death. They’re accused of smoking meth and sleeping as their child died on March 30.  

The family was living at the Anchor House in Pendleton.  The former hotel has been converted into apartment units where housing vouchers are accepted.   

“You would have thought people would have heard that baby crying,” said Sarah Lloyd, a former high school classmate of Herndon and Harlan.  

Another minor was also unsupervised and in the presence of drugs and firearms, according to the allegations that have led to an additional child neglect charge against the couple. 

A relative of the baby believes someone at Anchor House should have stepped in before it was too late.  One of the building owners said she was unaware of any complaints from other residents and said the couple kept to themselves.