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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – We hear a lot about the pandemic, but another epidemic is quietly taking young lives. We spoke with families whose children all went to high school together in Chesterfield.

Taylor Grzybinski of Chesterfield started using drugs in high school. It graduated to heroin and fentanyl. In Oct. 2018, Taylor’s aunt found her dead in her home. Taylor bought five beans of fentanyl for $20. She snorted it and died.

Taylor’s family said this summer two former classmates overdosed together. Her father, Todd Grzybinski, says he can list at least a dozen kids within the last six months that he knew or someone knew that had died of a drug overdose.

Todd launched the website Know More to help parents whose children are trying drugs and struggling with addiction.

Queen of Peace Center offers counseling and assistance to parents and teens 12-19 who live in St Louis County free of charge.

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