ST. LOUIS – Winds throughout the St. Louis region were strong enough to cause some minor damage, with a chapel topping cross in the St. Louis Hills being bent over.

According to the National Weather Service, wind gusts higher than 50 mph hit St. Charles and St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

“This morning, when I went to go to the bus, all my trash was knocked over,” said Ezekiel Naviengkham.

The winds started to calm as the day went on, but they were still gusting enough to cause minor inconveniences for some at Tiemeyer Park in St. Ann.

“It feels kind of good, but it also knocked off my hat,” said Tyonna Hunt.

Hunt and her sister Jkaylee were strolling through the park.

“When we were walking, the wind kind of blew us back,” Jkaylee said.

Hunt said the high winds were surprising, but not unexpected considering the city’s quickly changing weather.