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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Racial slurs were found in another Parkway high school after similar verbiage was found at Central High School.

Parkway School District announced that racial slurs were found in bathrooms at Parkway North High School in addition to Central High School.

Parkway Superintendent Keith Marty said the district launched a police and school investigation, and whoever is responsible will be disciplined and could possibly face legal consequences.

A letter that he sent to parents reads in part, “students and staff are hurt, angry and feeling outnumbered by those willing to stand by and watch without taking action to stop it.”

In protest against the hate speech, hundreds of Parkway Central High School students walked out of class Thursday.

“It makes me sad to think that anybody would be in a class with someone where they feel unsafe and know someone said this about people. I don’t like the feeling,” student Olivia Saphian said.

Students said the racist slurs are hurtful to all students and they are demanding to know what school officials will do to help change the culture.

“It’s honestly so upsetting, and it’s not surprising. We have had issues for the last five years. It’s just frustrating, it’s still happening here at Parkway, and they are not meeting us with the action we are trying to bring,” student Grace Bauer said.