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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The Parkway South High School music department is going to Disneyworld in April. The band will be learning from music professionals in Orlando, Florida, thanks to a grant from Keep Live Alive St. Louis and Van Gogh the Immersive Experience.

“One of the things we do at Parkway is try to give our students hand on real-world experiences. We’re going to be heading down to perform and record in a studio on the Disney property working with their music professionals to provide the soundtrack to one of their movie clips,” said Matthew Wall, the band director at Parkway South.

Wall, fellow staff, and 170 band members representing the entire music department will make the once-in-a-lifetime trip this spring.    

“It’s a chance for all the programs at our school, the choir, the band, the orchestra, to get a chance to experience what a real-life musician does day in and day out,” Wall said.  

At the recommendation of parents, Wall applied for the grant, winning $5,000 dollars to help towards expenses. 

“Real exciting,” Wall said.  “It’s going to go a long way into helping support our trip so we’re very excited.   

 Keep Live Alive board member Greg Hagglund said St. Louis has supported the popular Van Gogh exhibit, and in return, they wanted to give back.   

“When I went to the Van Gogh people to see if they’d work with keep live alive to raise some money for a local high school it was a quick yes,” Hagglund said. 

He believes it was the inclusion of the entire music department that made Parkway South’s essay unique. 

“The way that it was constructed and the fact that they were taking the whole music department really touched our hearts,” he said.  

He hopes the department enjoys the immersive experience in April. 

“I want to just wish them a wonderful trip to Orlando to Disneyworld, and thanks for responding with a great essay on why we should provide the five thousand dollars to Parkway South,” Hagglund said.