Parson signs off on first Missouri gas tax hike in decades


HAZELWOOD, Mo. – Missouri Governor Parson was in Hazelwood Tuesday to sign a bill raising the state’s gas tax for the first time in decades.

Beginning in October, the tax will go up by 2.5 cents each year for the next four years until it reaches 29.5 cents per gallon.

Gov. Parson says the state needs the money for road and bridge repairs.

“This was a big move for the state,” he said. “It’s been a priority of mine when you talk about infrastructure workforce development.”

However, some drivers say this may wind up hurting more than helping.

“I travel quite a bit for work, so I think the added money, I will be spending per week will be pretty significant,” driver AJ Volger said.
Once fully implemented, the tax hike could generate more than $500 million annually for state, county, and city roads.

In the meantime, the Missouri Chapter of a Conservative Advocacy Group is now trying to put this tax hike to a public vote in 2022.

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