MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. — Pattonville High School students were sent home early today after someone wrote a threat to shoot up the school on the stall in two boys restrooms. Maryland Heights Police are investigating the incident.

Over the past few months, similar threats have been posted at other schools. A student accused of a threat toward Edwardsville High School is behind bars on multiple felony charges. A Marquette High School student was accused of an “AirDropped social media threat” last November. That school went virtual for days as they investigated the messages.

This letter was sent home to Pattonville School District parents today:

Dear Pattonville families,

This morning, a student at Pattonville High School notified staff that someone had written a graffiti threat on the wall of a stall in two boys restrooms which said, “I’m going to shoot the school Monday.” Administrators and school resource officers immediately began investigating the threat, but as a precaution and due to the disruption this will have on the school day, we will be sending high school students home. Administrators and the Maryland Heights Police Department will continue investigating the threat.

We want to assure our community that safety is our first priority. Pattonville takes all potential threats seriously and will always investigate them thoroughly with our police partners. Please remind your students that anyone perpetuating rumors and/or making threats, real or as a joke, will have significant disciplinary consequences as outlined in our school behavior guide in addition to potential police charges.

As always, please reinforce with your child that there are caring adults at school who are looking out for their safety. Encourage your child to share any concern with a trusted adult, whether that is you, a teacher, a school administrator or a police partner. Also, please remind your child about the consequences of making threats, even as a joke, or other inappropriate behaviors.
We thank the individual who reported concerns to us and we are doing everything in our power to investigate the threat. Working together, we can continue to keep our children safe. Thank you for all you do to support our students and our schools.

Dr. Barry Nelson

Letter shared via Maryland Hights Police