MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. — The Pattonville High School football team returned to its home field Friday, following a chaotic end to last week’s contest.  Students and families started running from the stands last week.  Administrators said a group of students was asked to leave but started running.  Police determined the rumors of gunfire were unfounded.   

School district officials did not take the chaos lightly.  Earlier in the week, Superintendent Barry Nelson told FOX 2 the district would be implementing new safety protocols after evaluating whether any changes could reduce the possibility of more chaos. 

Some of the changes include floodlights in the parking lot, moving the stadium security checkpoint in front of the ticketing gate, evaluating the positioning of security inside the stadium and issuing wristbands with colors corresponding to the team fans support.   

“It’s good to have the heightened security measures, but I did not feel unsafe last week,” said Tracy Kelley, a Pattonville Parent.    

During last week’s game, police from Maryland Heights and St. Ann were in place, along with private security guards and school administrators.  The presence of police, private security, and administrators was visible again on Friday.  

During Friday’s game, Nelson said he said the atmosphere was reflective of what the community is known for.  He said Pattonville is a high performing school district and likes seeing that reflected on the field. 

“We feel like tonight is a great example of what Pattonville is all about,” Nelson said.  

Gary Glasby was in the stands Friday supporting two of his grandsons, who play for Pattonville.  He believes the district has done a great job addressing any concerns.  

“I have to support my grandkids one way or another,” said Glasby.  “I’m going to make every Pattonville game this year.”