ST. LOUIS – A PBS show featuring many Missouri farmers, restaurants, and entrepreneurs is back on-air. Cat Neville’s show TasteMakers continues her local exploration of the craft food movement. Episodes of the third season of this Emmy-nominated program premiere in October on 95 percent of PBS stations.

Foodies in St. Louis have likely heard the name Cat Neville before. She started a website called Sauce in 1999 before the print edition started appearing in stores and newsstands in 2001. She then launched Feast Magazine with the Post-Dispatch with regional ambitions for distribution. Neville served as the host of Feast TV, a seven-season television program for the publication.

Neville started TasteMakers in 2018 after moving on from Feast. The show took a pandemic pause but returned with more episodes this year and next year. Missouri farmers, winemakers, beekeepers, and more will be featured nationwide in the third season airing in the fall and winter of 2023. Watch episodes of the show here.

The fourth season is in production and will debut in the spring of 2024. They plan to focus on regenerative rice farming, handmade Sonoran tortillas, handcrafted gin, and bean-to-bar chocolate.