ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The peach season has officially begun in the St. Louis region. The cool May wasn’t favorable for the peach crop, but the hot June certainly was. 

It has unloaded on us, and that’s what’s catching us up very nicely. We were a little concerned for a while,” said Brad Dearborn with Eckert’s Farm. 

The cooler May temperatures slowed them down, but peaches have been loving this heat. 

“We could use a little bit of water at this point, but we’re in good shape otherwise,” said Dearborn. “We’re always within a few number of days on when we can start “pick your own” and those all come down to the fine-tuning of the weather.” 

Dearborn said peaches are the most anticipated crop at Eckert’s Farm and pick your own in Belleville will be starting soon, just a few days past what they hoping for. 

“We always talk to folks about the fourth of July because it’s an easy thing to remember because our phone has been ringing for the last month, six weeks,” said Dearborn. “Yeah, we’ve been open here at the Rock Hill store since the beginning of our strawberry season and that was great, people love it but it’s all about the peaches.” 

At Eckert’s, they grow about 35 varieties of peaches that each have their own timeline. This helps to make it the longest homegrown season. 

“There are several that are very well known. These are the Desirees. These are our first variety of the season,” said Dearborn. “Another couple of weeks, we’ll be hitting Red Haven and those are the first of our free stones for the course of the year. And after that you’ll hit Lorings and Cresthavens and what have you.” 

This allows for peach picking to continue through August. 

The pick-your-own peaches experience is always a unique one the whole family can enjoy. 

“You know one of the mottos of the whole organization is ‘making family memories’ so there’s not much better way to do that than to have your kids or your grandkids out there picking their own and getting some to sample,” said Dearborn. “Make those family memories and those are the ones that are going to stick in those little kids’ heads.” 

The Grafton location has already started to pick your peaches and the Belleville Farm begins one on July 7. If you can’t make it out to one of those locations then you can get your fresh peaches at the Eckert’s St. Louis Farm Market. 

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