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ST. LOUIS – A driver struck and killed a pedestrian in an apparent hit-and-run overnight in south St. Louis.

The victim was struck shortly after 11 p.m. Friday at South Grand Boulevard and Juniata Street in the South Grand neighborhood.

Witnesses told investigators that a black SUV was speeding southbound on South Grand Avenue and ran a red light at Juniata Street. After that, the driver struck a man at a crosswalk and left the scene.

The victim was rushed to a hospital, but later died from his injuries. An accident reconstruction team with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department spent several hours investigating the crash.

“He got hit and flew through the intersection,” said Anna Rodenberg, a witness and nearby resident. “You could see his shoes on the sidewalk. That’s just you know pretty heartbreaking to see that. And then we didn’t know what his state was until later when he passed. So I really feel bad for his family.”

South Grand neighborhood residents say hit-and-runs seem to be common near the scene of Friday’s crash. Rodenberg said drivers are not only speeding, but also running red lights.

“People run the lights all the time. So we kind of have a joke that you have to wait at least five seconds, look both ways before someone is going to cross because you know someone is going to blow through. I ride the bus a lot and so at this bus stop back here I’ve seen I don’t know how many hit-and-runs,” said Rodenberg.

Rodenberg has lived in the area with her husband for more than a decade. She said the problem is getting worse.

“I’ve seen I don’t know how many hit-and-runs,” said one St. Louis resident who frequently rides the bus. “A lot of people run the lights. We kind of have a job that you’ve got to wait at least five seconds, look both ways before you cross it [or] someone’s going to blow through.”

She says even using the crosswalks can be dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.

 “My husband uses a walker, so we’re extra cautious when we’re walking because we know we’re going to be slow, so we need to make sure it’s going to be safe to get across,” said Rodenberg.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is handling the investigation over Friday’s crash. FOX 2 will update if more information becomes available.