ST. LOUIS – People have been waiting in line for several hours Thursday at Happy Joe’s pizza on Watson Road for one last slice of pizza before the restaurant closes permanently. 

The store will close the Watson Road location on Friday. 

“Just the atmosphere it takes on a life of its own. You feel it when you walk in here,” said Jerry Detterman. “It’s almost like you’re seeing ghosts but in a good way. It is a pretty special feeling right now.”

Customers said the memories of the restaurant are coming back as they waited for their pizza. 

“I came here before I even had kids. I’ve been coming here with nieces and nephews who are now grown with their own kids,” said Joanne Slankard. “They’ve played games and win tickets and get little prizes.”

Many kids were playing the games one last time before the shop closed including Mattias Verry who said he won a lot of prizes.

“I’ve won a little video game console. I’ve won a lot of vampire things. I’ve won rubber bands,” said Verry. “I’ve won a ton of stuff here and it’s really fun.”

People waited for more than an hour in line just to order their favorite pizza. 

“It’s just a good flavor, good toppings. They just really make a good pizza and they’re working their butts off back there right now,” said Slankard.

Detterman said it has been a family tradition to come to Happy Joe’s.

“My mom brought me as a kid and now I bring him. So, it’s definitely been a legacy and a family tradition over the years,” he said. “So, it’s sad to see it go. We had to come, we couldn’t miss this.”