PERRY COUNTY, Mo. – A brief tornado touched down Saturday evening near Brewer, Missouri, just north of Perryville. The damage survey determined the strength was an EF-0 with maximum winds of 85 miles per hour.

“It only lasted like 38 seconds. It was longer than that,” said Joe Pingle, a Perry County resident.

Pingle was hosting a get together and his 22 guests had to quickly take cover in his safe room.

“Look out this garage window right here and I saw something fly by here as well,” he said. “I don’t know what it was if it was a tree or whatever. It was so loud. It did, it sounded like a freight train.”

Next to Pingle’s house, a bulldozer used to be sitting inside a machine shop. It was completely leveled. That homeowner said they sheltered in the basement and saw large pieces of neighbor’s tin roofing fly by.

This damage less than a mile north of that from the February 2017 EF-4 that hit near Perryville, killing a man on Interstate 55 and just about 7.5 miles south of the St. Mary EF-2 that struck on October 24 of last year.

“Really, it’s been quite busy for the people in that particular area, if you look at the map as a whole across the area. At least across southern Missouri and southern Illinois and western Kentucky, it’s been a busy few years across the area,” said Pat Spoden, science and operations officer at the National Weather Service Office in Paducah, Kentucky.

Spoden says it’s hard to say whether activity in this area has increased.

“There do seem to be more hot spots and those areas seem to end up with more tornadoes than others. But it’s difficult to say whether something’s increasing or not,” he said.

But the most important thing is for people to always be weather aware.

“It can happen any time of year. You know we always talk about our peak season being April and may well yeah, we’re in that right now. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a tornado any other month of the year around this area,” Spoden said.

Luckily, there were no injuries. Pingle attributes that to his safe room and wants everyone to know the importance of having a safe place to go and taking any warnings seriously.