ST. LOUIS – In what is typically the dog days of summer, dogs and their owners celebrated a break from the heat by spending the day at Bar K Tuesday.

“We actually came out on Saturday and it was extremely hot. The dogs just sat in the shade the whole time,” explained member and dog-mom Chelsea Canania. “But, Bar-K does a really great job of providing in pools and everything, washcloths, and things like that. But this weather is amazing.”

After weeks of heat advisories and flooding rains, the temperature is in the eighties, and the sun in the sky meant Tuesday was perfect for an afternoon at the two-acre outdoor dog park.

“It’s so nice. When I got up this morning, okay it is the perfect day to get outside,” said Sky Parker, a member of Bar K. “We can spend all day at the park. Usually, when we come, I still bring him out even though it is still kind of hot, but we don’t stay out that long. Today is the perfect day for him to just let him run around.”

Even with the weather cooling down, after lots of fetch and chase, pups still needed to cool off. That meant plenty of water and breaks in the shade for everyone.

“Love it. I overheat easily, so it’s still pretty hot for me. But just a little rough on the old husky,” said Mark Seibold. “If your dog loves other dogs they’ll have no more fun than here.”

To learn more about Bar K and how to become a member, visit their website.