ST. LOUIS – PETA supporters will be outside the Budweiser Brew House in Ballpark Village during Wednesday afternoon’s game. They’re urging the beer maker to stop severing the tailbones of the Clydesdales.

PETA is investigating Anheuser-Busch, saying the removal of the horses’ tails leaves them unable to fend off disease-spreading insects.

In a statement, PETA’s Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo said, “Budweiser has turned the Clydesdales into insect buffets, causing them extreme physical pain and stress. PETA is calling on Budweiser to back off and let the Clydesdales keep their tails.”

Anheuser-Busch responded to complaints from PETA back in February, explaining that the safety and wellbeing of the Clydesdales are top priorities and that they receive the highest level and quality of care.