ST. LOUIS — Real Housewives producer and TV host Andy Cohen will be getting a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame next month. The markers memorialize many celebrities along the Delmar Loop. Now, there is a petition to honor the 90’s hit band The Urge with a marker. They are close to their goal of 3,000 signatures.

The St. Louis Walk of Fame features brass stars embedded in the pavement to honor people who have made significant contributions to art, music, literature, and other fields. It was created in 1988 by Joe Edwards, who was inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The first star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame was dedicated to Chuck Berry. Since then, over 150 stars have been added. They include famous figures such as T.S. Eliot, Maya Angelou, Tina Turner, and Nelly.

The Urge is known for their energetic and eclectic sound, incorporating elements of ska, punk, reggae, and funk into their music. They formed in 1987 and singer Steve Ewing is the frontman. The original line up included guitarist Pat Malecek, bassist Karl Grable, drummer John Pessoni, trombonist Matt Kwiatkowski, and sax player Bill Reiter.

The band had two songs that broke into Billboards top 200. Those songs include Master Of Styles in May 1998, and Too Much Stereo in August 2000. The band has also built a strong reputation for their high-energy live performances, which have earned them a dedicated following over the years.

The band is still playing shows in the St. Louis area. Ewing has also gone on to become an entrepreneur. He started a successful restaurant called Steve’s Hot Dogs.