ST. LOUIS – A north county family’s home is about to be filled with the joy of music.

An 8-year-old now has a piano to practice her skills and make her dreams of becoming a star a reality. FOX 2’s Blair Ledet was there in Jennings when the non-profit, ‘Pianos for People,’ delivered a piano to an aspiring performer.

Kani Brackett is on fire. The bubbly second-grader at Missouri Connections Academy has a passion for playing the piano and singing. Just like Alice Keys.

Kani takes her cues from the 15-time Grammy Award-winning artist and understands that practice makes perfect.

A non-profit organization, Pianos for People, put this all together. They picked up a piano from Alvin Horst in St. Louis City. Kani watched movers with her piano park right in front of her home.

Pianos for People has been spreading the love of music for ten years with donations and deliveries.

“The pianos are coming from generous people who have pianos in their homes but are no longer playing them and know they could be put to good use with someone who will spend more time playing it,” Executive Director of Pianos for People, Matt Brinkmann, shared.

Pianos for People teaches free lessons as well.