ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A St. Louis County neighborhood is being engulfed by trash. 

A focal point is the 10000 block of Stimson Drive, just off of Chambers Road in Riverview in North County. There’s so much trash being dumped at vacant houses, and the problem didn’t start overnight.  

There are piles, even miles, of trash along streets and roads in Riverview alongside well-kept homes, vibrant churches, markets, and a community garden.   

“I’m tired of it,” one resident said.  “Every day, every day, I drive by it.  It seems to get worse and worse and worse. You could easily snatch a kid, put them in there, and we wouldn’t know about it.  That’s my concern.” 

FOX 2’s Andy Banker went to the Village Hall to see if anything was going to be done about it.  While the answer is “yes,” it’s going to take time. 

The village has been deluged with illegal dumping, according to officials.  The small staff can’t keep up.  They’re currently focusing on nearby St. Cyr Road, much of which remains lined with heaps of garbage, old furniture, and mattresses.   

Village workers continually pull trash by the dumpster full from neighborhood roads.  Back on Stimson, they’ve actually used a mini-bulldozer to push piles away from the street until they can clean them up.   

The problems on Stimson started with a fire in February of 2019, according to residents.   

“You know how they put the fire out and they take everything out?  It’s still the same stuff down there (from then),” a resident said.  “Then people have just been coming and dumping.”   

The dumping has spread to several neighboring vacant houses.  The village is pursuing a joint effort with the City of St. Louis to add surveillance cameras to combat illegal dumping.  

A bid will go out next month to demolish partially burned derelict property on Stimson, according to a village official.